Euro 2020 : Full Fixtures, Groups, Teams, Venues, Timings in Nepal.

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The European Championship is slated to start on Saturday, June 12 and will go on till July 12. The league will be played across 11 major cities of Europe including London, Seville, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Budapest, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Rome, Munich, Baku and Saint Petersburg.

A total of 24 teams are a part of the series. These teams will initially be divided into six groups. Of the total 24, only 16 teams will make it to the next round. The qualifying teams from this round will play quarter finals. Only four winning teams from the quarter finals round will be entering the semi-final stage. The two winners of the semi-final round will face each other in the finals on July 12.

Here is a look at the countries in different groups:

Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland

Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia

Group C: Holland, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia

Group D: Croatia, England, Scotland, Czech Republic

Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia

Group F: Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany

Euro cup 2020

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Where can I watch the Euro 2020 matches on TV in Nepal?

All matches of the leagues will be aired on Sony channels including SONY TEN 2, SONY TEN 3 and SONY SIX.

Here is a look at date wise schedule of Euro 2020 with timings (in NST)and venue:

Group stage fixtures (All timings are in NST)

June 12, Saturday ( Jestha 29)

Group A: Turkey vs Italy (12:45 am, Rome)

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (6:45 pm, Baku)

Group B: Denmark vs Finland (9:45 pm, Copenhagen)

June 13, Sunday ( Jestha 30)

Group B: Belgium vs Russia (12:45 am, St Petersburg)

Group D: England vs Croatia (6:45 pm, London)

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (9:45 pm, Bucharest)

June 14, Monday ( Jestha 31)

Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (12:45 am, Amsterdam)

Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (6:45 pm, Glasgow)

Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (9:45 pm, St Petersburg)

June 15, Tuesday ( Ashad 1)

Group E: Spain vs Sweden (12:45 am, Seville)

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (9:45 pm, Budapest)

June 16, Wednesday ( Ashad 2)

Group F: France vs Germany (12:45 am, Munich)

Group B: Finland vs Russia (6:45 pm, St Petersburg)

Group A: Turkey vs Wales (9:45 pm, Baku)

June 17, Thursday ( Ashad 3)

Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (12:45 am, Rome)

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (6:45 pm, Bucharest)

Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (9:45 pm, Copenhagen)

June 18, Friday ( Ashad 4)

Group C: Netherlands vs Austria (12:45 am, Amsterdam)

Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (6:45 pm, St Petersburg)

Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (9:45 pm, Glasgow)

June 19, Saturday ( Ashad 5)

Group D: England vs Scotland (12:45 am, London)

Group F: Hungary vs France (6:45 am, Budapest)

Group F: Portugal vs Germany (9:45 am, Munich)

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June 20, Sunday ( Ashad 6)

Group E: Spain vs Poland (12:45 am, Seville)

Group A: Italy vs Wales (9:45 pm, Rome)

Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (9:45 pm, Baku)

June 21, Monday ( Ashad 7)

Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (9:45 pm, Amsterdam)

Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (9:45 pm, Bucharest)

June 22, Tuesday ( Ashad 8)

Group B: Russia vs Denmark (12:45 am, Copenhagen)

Group B: Finland vs Belgium (12:45 am, St Petersburg)

June 23, Wednesday ( Ashad 9)

Group D: Czech Republic vs England (12:45 am, London)

Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (12:45 am, Glasgow)

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (9:45 pm, Seville)

Group E: Sweden vs Poland (9:45 pm, St Petersburg)

June 24, Thursday ( Ashad 10)

Group F: Germany vs Hungary (12:45 am, Munich)

Group F: Portugal v France (12:45 am, Budapest)

Germany Squad

So which country are you cheering up? Please do comment down below.

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